Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Yoga For Healthier Aging

By Coleen Elkins

As we age we lose our flexibility and our balance. Yoga may be a solution for some of us to maintain flexibility and stability. Always talk to your doctor before beginning something new.

Yoga is adaptable for the very young and the aging population and for those with specific needs and abilities. Just because you are nearing retirement or are retired doesn't mean you need to become sedentary. Yoga classes are now available in senior centers, community centers and even store fronts.

Yoga has helped people with arthritis with muscle tone and flexibility. There are many types of Yoga to consider including water Yoga and chair Yoga. There are many ways to learn besides attending class. There are books on Yoga, videos on Yoga, and internet classes.

Yoga can help improve your mood, balance, strength and possibly even sleep better. It may take a while for you to feel comfortable learning Yoga so after speaking to your doctor and deciding to give it a try remember to go slowly but be consistent in practicing.

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