Monday, February 25, 2019

2018 Healthcare Costs In The U.S. Hit $11,212 Per Person

By Coleen Elkins

RV Insurance Benefits

WOW! Are you aware American consumers are spending $3.65 Trillion dollars in Healthcare in a single year?

Why are companies like Amazon and Uber tapping into the healthcare industry? Did you know Amazon spent $1 Billion dollars to purchase pharmaceutical company PillPack?

Last year a purchase by CVS of Aetna Insurance companies was approved by the Department of Justice with a $70 Billion purchase price. Why would a big pharmaceutical company purchase an insurance company?

Can tech-companies involvement in the healthcare industry drive down costs or will they weaken the system even more? In the 1990's the United States ranked 6th in the world as a healthcare leader. The United States now ranks 27th. This data is based on life expectancy among 195 countries. It is rather interesting that it was in the 1990's the federal government became very active in regulating our nations healthcare.

The $3.65 Trillion healthcare spending for 2018 is expected to spike another 5.3 percent in 2019. 
The current inflation rate is 1.6% wage growth remains at 4% at this rate health care will be 19.4 percent of our nations GDP by 2027.

Despite the increased spending the U.S. Healthcare system is becoming less efficient and more frustrating for both patients and providers. Our healthcare system is regulated heavily by both State and Federal governments could that be a cost driver?

The United States creates statistics on consumer spending for all aspects of our lives. Even so they can't put their finger on the pulse of the cause of the out of control spending of our healthcare. Could some of the cause be ourselves as consumers for not pricing the cost of their healthcare?

For the last 24 years our health insurance agency has worked to help Americans insure their health in an ever evolving market.  We  found one common habit Americans share they tend to find a doctor or medical center they "love" and resist changing. Americans will spend more on a health plan if necessary to keep "their doctor".  They may be paying higher costs to keep their doctor in ways they are not even aware of.

When was the last time you asked your doctor what the cost of an office visit is?

There is a website Healthcare Blue Book where consumers can shop for healthcare services. Test it yourself by looking up "colonoscopy with a biopsy" in your zip code.  You may be stunned and amazed at the "fairest price and the highest price".

Options for imaging facilities are popping up all over the country! 

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