Monday, August 25, 2014

Back To The Future - Doctors Home Visits On The Rise

                                                                 By Coleen Elkins

In the 1960's doctors making house calls was not all that uncommon. It appears those visits are on the rise and could save millions of dollars in ER visits. Sometimes for seniors just getting to a doctors office is more than they can endure. Now with portable technology doctors, physicians assistance, nurse practitioners can preform portable EKG's, echocardiograms right in the patients home. Same day urgent visits can be arranged as well.

Medicare paid for 2.8 million house calls in 2012 a number that nearly doubled in a decade. The house call visits on a study of two groups revealed a 17 percent cost decrease in those receiving home healthcare.

The idea of bringing peace of mind to seniors and caregivers and saving money is very appealing and welcomed at a time when we see medical costs rising.

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