Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Medicare's Financial Situation Reported To Be Improving

By Coleen Elkins

Like social security the financial stability of Medicare has been an unknown factor for many years. As baby boomers age they worry if the benefits will be there for them. It seems of late reports are showing Medicare's situation may be improving. The confusing part is no one can explain why. The latest data shows that Medicare has enough reserves in it's trust fund to last through 2030. That is four years longer than was projected last year.

In 2009 reports reflected Medicare's trust fund would expire in 2018.  The idea that Medicare would ever run out of funds is still frightening to most, and since the reason for the improvement can't be explained no one is breathing a sigh of relief yet.

A host of experts are setting on ready to rework the entire system, but is now the time to start altering a path with so many unknown factors?

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