Friday, August 1, 2014

Average Cost Of Medicare Part D Drug Plans To Rise In 2015


By Coleen Elkins

Part D Prescription Drug Plan premiums will rise slightly in 2015. The average cost of Medicare Part D Plans has remained stable for the last 3 years at between $30 to $31. In 2015 it will be $32.00.

One of the attributing factors is the rising cost of medications. One medication mentioned is the drug that cures Hepatitis C Sovladi it rings up at $1,000 per pill. Low enrollment in Medicare Part D Plans has also been cited as a cause.

It is very important that seniors and those under 65 with disabilities on Medicare check their Part D Plans renewal packet when it arrives sometime around October 1st. Don't throw it in the stack of pending mail and ignore it!

At the very beginning of your renewal packet you will see your plans changes for 2015. It will tell you what the cost will be and just as importantly if your drugs will remain in the same tier it was in for 2014. Will the drug copays remain the same? Get your prescriptions out and make comparison notes.  Then you can make an informed decision about keeping your current plan or shopping for another.

Those on Medicare benefit greatly from the Medicare prescription drug plans also known as Part D. If you have never enrolled in a plan learn more and see how it may benefit you! Become "Medicare Savvy"!

If you need help seek the services of a licensed health insurance agent specializing in Medicare. If you do not have an agent a list of agents can be found for your area on the website
National Association of Health Underwriters look under find an agent click here.

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