Monday, August 11, 2014

Walmart - Shop For Your Groceries, See The Doctor And Fill Your Prescriptions

By Coleen Elkins

Walmart and some groceries stores already have "walk in" medical clinics in there retail businesses. 

Walmart is gearing up to expand this concept to treat chronic medical conditions. The doctors in the clinics will more than likely be "on staff" which means you will see whomever is on duty. You will pay cash as they will only be accepting insurance from their own health plan offered to employees and Medicare. An office visit at the clinics is currently set at $40.00.  This will make the system more efficient by eliminating processing claims to insurance companies. 

With medical technology on the forefront of many in the IT business today you won't necessarily have to have medical file in that clinic. They will be able to access your records electronically. 
This model could change how we look at having a relationship with a "primary care physician".  

Things are changing so stay tuned and visit us often so you can change with it. 

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