Thursday, November 17, 2016

Legislation To Begin The Repeal Of Obamacare Could Be Signed On Inauguration Day

By Coleen Elkins                  24-7 Health Insurance 

There are several articles recently published reflecting opinions on how Obamacare will be repealed and replaced.

The general Consensus among Republican legislators is they will begin on January 1 2017 to have bills ready for the signature of President Elect Trump after the Inauguration ceremony is complete.

"The original health care law itself was 2,700 pages, but there were also more than 40,000 pages of administrative rules, regulatory guidance, and even blog posts setting Obamacare policy" they wrote "A lot of this can be scaled back on Day One".

If the mandate is lifted the penalty for not purchasing "minimal essential coverage" will be removed as well.

Some insurance products have surfaced in the past few months known as "MEC" plans. To help you understand a MEC plan in simple terms the consumer is paying $55.00 to $85.00 a month to avoid the tax penalty.

The plans offer a wellness exam or hospitalization. None of them "insure" your health. The idea is to couple a MEC with supplement plans that pay cash to you if you become ill. The problem is none of those policies pay enough cash to pay for treatment of a catastrophic event such as heart disease or cancer treatment. Consumers can purchase substandard health insurance to couple with the MEC plan but many of these companies have poor quality ratings and past complaints against them from consumers.

At 24-7 Health Insurance we have the tools to provide our clients with an individual needs assessment. This way our clients can choose their health insurance from multiple options that helps meet their current needs. You may not get exactly what you would like to have immediately but your health will be insured.

We are now attending "post election" carrier and legislative seminars to be able to educate our clients on the future of health insurance for 2017 and beyond. If we can be of assistance please visit our website and contact us.

We are licensed in 11 states. If we are not licensed in your state we will help you find an agent to assist you.

You can read the full Political article quoted above here 

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