Friday, February 26, 2016

Special Election Period Enrollments Will Have New Rules

By Coleen Elkins   24-7 Health Insurance 

Health Insurance Carriers and a independent research firm have determined that people enrolling during a special enrollment period cost more in claims. The inference is that people are waiting until they are sick to enroll. Applicants then use a "move" or another allowable special election period to enroll in a health plan. They receive their treatment and then cancel the coverage leaving the carrier with large claims.

The Federal government announced on Wednesday they are implementing new rules to qualify those  applying for health insurance outside open enrollment. Some health insurance companies have already begun the process of checking drivers licenses electronically. This confirms the date of the new license coincides with a move. Insurers say this practice will help profitability.

The complete list of rules have yet to be published. When they are made available we will post them here.

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