Monday, February 29, 2016

Health Insurers Struggling With Large Losses

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The Affordable Care is facing more threats than just political uncertainty. Health insurance exchanges and co-ops are facing large losses. Many have had to close for this reason.

UnitedHealthcare said last November they may not participate in the market for 2017. They are reporting a potential $475M loss on their exchange business this year. The CEO of Aetna wrote in an article stating he foresees major issues with the law moving forward.

Many Americans have found ways to use the 21 available exemptions to avoid enrollment altogether. Others have found ways to enroll from a hospital bed. The Montana Co-Op stated a critically ill woman signed up from the hospital last October just by simply changing zip codes. This left the Co-Op with a $250,000 bill.

Insurers blame the the liberal and lax laws for enrollment . The federal funds supporting start up insurers is winding down. At the same time premiums are rising along with the deductibles and out of pockets.

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