Thursday, February 11, 2016

New Ways For Saving On Prescription Drugs

For years we have seen advertisements on television that help us find the cheapest hotel rooms and airfares. Finally someone has come up with some innovative ways for us to save on prescription drugs. 

For those on Medicare who find themselves in the "Coverage Gap" also known as the "donut hole" these two new websites are certainly going to help Medicare beneficiaries become more savvy on saving money during the year and especially if they do end up in the "Coverage Gap". 

If you are under age 65 and are on a high deductible Bronze Plan with no RX benefit until your deductible is met prescriptions can be very expensive and at times cost prohibitive. Now you will have a way to possibly make your medication affordable. 

 Good RX allows people to put in the name of their medication and find the cheapest place to purchase it.   Test it on Spiriva and look at the comparisons it is amazing. 

Blink Health allows you to order your medication for the cheapest price and pick it up at the pharmacy providing the lowest price. 

Coleen Elkins
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