Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Telemedicine Expands To Virtual Visits

By Coleen Elkins

Some insurance plans have included telemedicine as a benefit to their insureds. If you have a sinus infection or something reoccurring you simply pick up the phone and have a consultation with the doctor on call. Once the diagnosis is confirmed a prescription is faxed in to your pharmacy. You are not charged for the visit and you were able to stay home and not sit in a doctor's waiting room with other sick patients.

What if you had something more serious and you wanted to consult a well known specialist in another state? Virtual medicine is on the rise. There are still some unknown factors such as should a face to face visit be required for the initial visit. This type of medicine could be of great value though. Imagine not having to take time of work to take an aging family member to a specialist multiple times.

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