Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Poll Finds Many Insurance Brokers Consider Leaving Their Career After ACA

By Coleen Elkins


There is no doubt health insurance brokers jobs have become more difficult. What used to take an hour or so can now take 3 hours or longer. It can also involve return trips to see a client because of unforseen obstacles in achieving the goal of getting them insured.

After years of working in an industry we have awaken in a new world which is at times confusing and literally dysfunctional. The newly required certifications do not prepare us for the obstacles we face in helping a client obtain health insurance.

If the process is uncharted for us I can imagine how a consumer feels. Even if they are "tech savvy" that does not make them "insurance savvy". Often they find that what they thought they bought they did not receive. Those seeking subsidies don't understand the qualification and income requirement process. Even after the enrollment is complete further documentation may be required, and if they don't respond their coverage will be cancelled by the government.

All of this makes me even more determined to stay the course. People need someone who listens because they care. They need someone who can point them in the right direction and give them guidance so they can make an informed decision. Consumers want and need confidence that when they walk into a doctors office their insurance card is going to be accepted and their claim paid.

We are here to help our clients understand and maximize their benefits! We are staying the course!

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