Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Anger Over Narrow Networks Under Obamacare Is Growing

By Coleen Elkins

Is you doctor going to be there for you under your new healthcare plan? Consumers are learning they have new network restrictions that they were not told about when enrolling in their new plan and they are very upset. Some patients in rural areas are having to drive great distances to see a primary care doctor or specialist. So how do insurance carriers keep cost down and still provide access?

Insurers have been directed under the affordable care act to include enough doctors and hospitals to provide timely access to care. Even though the directive has been issued there are now specific guidelines for the insurers to operate under. Some states are working to raise their standards. More than 70 bills have been introduces in 22 states to clarify network rules.

There is another big question not addressed in this article. What if the doctors do not want to participate in the new networks under the affordable care act? What if the law has reduced their pay or does not guarantee payment if an insured skips out on their premiums after the new "90 day grace period"?

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