Monday, June 2, 2014

Jindal's Healthcare Plan Passes Lousiana Legislature

By Coleen Elkins

Last April Lousiana Governor Bobby Jindal shared his alternative to the Affordable Care Act. Governor Jindal has an employment history in the healthcare and insurance industry. His plan is concise and easy to follow and comprehend.

Louisiana is a state that did not expand their Medicaid. The LA Legislature voted on Jindal's health plan and it passed on The House Floor 96-3 and the State Senate 94-2 after a brief debate although some missed the vote.

Governor's concept is to have the federal government providing block grants to states that would be free to develop their own health programs. The state plans could then create their own health care access initiatives such as greater incentives for wellness, guaranteeing access for those with pre-existing conditions, and purchasing insurance across state lines.

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