Thursday, June 5, 2014

Healthcare Law's Application Inconsistencies Affect 2.1 Million

By Coleen Elkins

Many weeks have passed since the open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act has ended. We are now learning that many people have been left in limbo.

A government document provided to the Associated Press on May 8th indicates that at least 2 million people that enrolled in tax-payer subsidized plans have some sort of "data discrepancies" in their applications.

Consumers being notified about problems with their accounts need to respond immediately. If they do not respond and the issue remains unresolved it could leave them in a bad situations.

Some of things that could go wrong for the applicants are higher premiums, lapse in coverage, or even their legal right to benefits. Health and Human Services state that the vast majority of the discrepancies are been resolved in favor of the applicant.

If you have received a notice it is very important to respond.  If you used the services of a licensed insurance agent call on your agent to assist you immediately.

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