Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Will Medicare Cover Obesity?

April 15, 2014       By C.M. Elkins

Nearly nine months ago The American Medical Association Declared Obesity a disease. Currently Federal Law prevents Medicare from covering Obesity. Chronic diseases are responsible death of our loved ones. They are costly and put a strain on our health system.

Obesity can lead to chronic disease. The FDA have has approved two medications to help fight obesity. Of course we all must take personal responsibility for our own weight. Sometimes medication is a necessary part of successful weight loss.

Some Medicare Advantage plans encourage seniors to get exercise by offering them gym memberships at no cost. These memberships often offer exercise classes specific for seniors. Some offer classes and education specific to making some simple dietary changes that can help with weight reduction.

The Congressional Budget Office and the actuaries crunched the numbers and found covering the cost of obesity medications too costly. Part D Medicare has reduced the cost of medical care by keeping seniors healthier with more affordable medication. Perhaps they will revisit this again and come to a different conclusion.

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