Monday, April 28, 2014

Cuts To Medicare "Home Healthcare" Will Result In Loss Of Services And Jobs

By: Coleen Elkins

Medicare Advantage Plans have received a pardon from Medicare cuts for the time being. So where are the $716 Billion dollar in cuts to Medicare funding the Affordable Care Act going to happen?

The widest cuts possible to Medicare are being allowed by the administration is to the home healthcare benefits. Over the next four years 14 percent will be cut resulting in 40 percent of 11,000 home healthcare agencies receiving less money by 2017. Ninety percent of these healthcare workers are women. Home healthcare is one of the fastest growing job sectors in America. These cuts will result in some of the deepest job cuts in a decade.

Over 3.5 million seniors receive healthcare in their home. Slashing home healthcare services will leave those who can't drive and are most vulnerable without care.

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