Monday, May 8, 2017

American Health Care Act Phase One

By: Coleen Elkins            24-7Healthinsurance


For those of you that wish to read a summary of the entire bill passed by the House of Representatives last Thursday you can read it here:  Kaiser Foundation Summary

The next step is the bill heads to the Senate where the U.S. Senators vow to rewrite the bill.

The bill needed to pass and this is why. In 2018 many of those with pre-exisiting conditions won't have health insurance under Obamacare NOR will others. Many health insurance carriers have announced their departure from the current individual market. In Iowa Medica the last insurer has announce it is most likely leaving the market. Des Moines Register

If you are one of those that believe it is time for a single payer plan or "Medicare for all" think again. According to the CBO the Medicare Trust Fund is projected to be insolvent by 2028. $716 Billion dollars was taken from Medicare to fund Obamacare. More about that here: Modern Healthcare Remember we said "Trust Fund" because while we are working we are paying into Medicare to enjoy it once we reach 65. Read more here: Ask Heritage 

Once the Senate completes their writings and pass a bill a committee will be formed. The committee of both Senate and House members will convene where the bill will be legislated the old fashion way. If they are successful the official bill will be voted on again by both the House and the Senate. Ultimately it will be presented to President Trump for signing. If they are not successful ????

If you are reading this AND have read the provided links and are feeling concerned PLEASE reach out to your state Senator tell them your thoughts and concerns they need to hear it from YOU.     Contact my Senator of the 115th Congress.

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