Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Are You Aging In To Medicare? Be Aware Of Your Options

By Coleen Elkins       24-7 Health Insurance

For those of you turning 65 in the next six months you have several things to learn in order to maximize your benefits.

Some people receive their Medicare card automatically some do not. If your address is not correct with Social Security your Medicare will not reach you.

Ninety days before your 65th birthday you can enroll in Medicare and begin the process of selecting your Medicare Supplement and your Part D prescription drug plan. You can enroll in your Medigap aka Medicare Supplement and Part D 90 days prior to your 65th birthday the month of your birthday and 90 days after your birthday. You can also choose a Medicare Advantage Plan. This seven month "window" is known as your Open Enrollment Period. All benefits are guarantee issue during this time frame.

Beware of this however: If you are currently enrolled in a health plan with a health insurance company that also offers Medicare Advantage Plans the Federal Government is allowing these health insurance companies to auto-enroll you in their Medicare Advantage Plan also known as Part C. This is done by informing you in a letter the action will be taken. This could slip by you very easily if you don't scrutinize every piece of your incoming mail.

A Medicare Advantage Plan is a private health insurance company contracted with Medicare to become responsible for all your medical care. The cost of a Medicare Advantage Plan is very low and you are responsible for out of pocket costs. The networks can be narrow and you could lose your doctors. This may not be the best fit for your personal needs. If you don't opt out you could be locked in. You may not realize you have even been enrolled until you use your benefits and discover you no longer have original Medicare.

Please take the time to read this story published by the Kaiser Foundation and WATCH YOU MAIL!

Kaiser Foundation: Senior Surprise

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