Wednesday, March 23, 2016

One State Requiring Beneficiaries Contribute To Their Medicaid Benefits

By Coleen Elkins      website: 24-7 Health Insurance

Following the mandate of the Affordable Care Act some states have expanded their Medicaid program. The expansion allows those earning 138 percent of the federal poverty eligible for State Medicaid. Indiana has taken the program a step further expanding the benefits to vision and dental.

240,000 Indiana residents gained Medicaid health benefits under the expansion. Even those who have income under the Federal poverty level are expected to contribute to their benefits. In that category if the beneficiary fails to contribute they lose the dental and vision benefit. Those with income at or over 100 percent of the Federal poverty level can lose all their benefits if they do not contribute financially to their benefits. For some the contribution is as low as $1.00.

The Obama Administration has made it clear that Indiana is a test case. The administration has made the statement that much testing must occur before other states will be allowed to consider this model.
Anthem a private insurer participating in Indiana's Medicaid program is calling it a success.

Read more here: Indiana Medicaid Expansion

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